BUDDHA BORN IN NEPAL . Siddhartha the prince gets unusual dreams and realises that every dream has a significant meaning and are providing him signals. Siddhartha finally decides to sit in deep meditation to get the answers he wants. During his meditation various powers try to disturb him but in vain. Siddhartha gains enlightenment and is now Gautama Buddha. Buddha wakes up from his meditation and finds various changes in himself. He realises that if he could gain enlightenment then the entire world too can do so. Buddha teaches that one must live in the present and not regret about the past or dream about the future. Buddha tries give knowledge to few kids and a princess and asks them to spread this message and takes leaves of them.

Counted amongst the most important personalities to have been born in the recorded history of mankind, Buddha the biopic follows the journey of Siddharth from the palace of Lumbini to his transformation as the enlightened one. please enjoy all the episodes and share !
**what you think u become, what you feel , your attract , what you imagine you create.Admin (Nima N. Sherpa)

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