KATHMANDU, The most beautiful city  in the world blog  by Nima Sherpa

I knew I would love Kathmandu. I didn’t know how much, but from the day I  arrived in Kathmandu I was struck with a tingling of excitement. 

I am in love with Kathmandu. It is a perfect place. I love everything; the tight streets with the thin buildings, friendly people , the shops selling the most beautiful scarves and crafts, trekking gear and masala teas; the fellow travellers walking around with beards, in a uniform of baggy trousers and dusty vests . 

The juice stands, the little rickshaws, the people, the restaurants and even the dust. It is my kind of place, and I am already dreading leaving . 
I kept having to stop to take photos, and probably irritated everyone behind me. The streets are so thin, and footpaths pretty non-existent, so you end up walking in a line flush against the shopfronts to let cars and bikes pass.

Below , Some of my favorite pictures. 

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