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Many die when they get sucked under water by a Low-Water Dam April 21. 2018

Another day in the Rotten Apple *!:55
Insane weirdo on New York subway

Barcelona Terror Attack WARNING Graphic Video
When the Oldest Kid in Class is 69 Years Old
Education is important, too many kids take it for granted.

This guy, Durge kami is 69 years old and walks 1 hour 20 mins to get to school.
Really inspiring.

Alien born In INDIA
Why every shit happend in india

India – Rapist handed over to women for punishment

Tibetan activists get some punishment in reeducation camp
They demand Tibet independence, which is against law.

Traditional Sky Burial in Tibet
In Buddhist Tibet chickens eat you VERY *Graphic *

Facebook livestream of alleged assault/kidnapping
Chicago police said Wednesday night that four teens are being held and questioned in connection with a Facebook Live video showing a group of people beating and cutting a teen who appeared bound and gagged as they shouted “Fuck Donald Trump.”

HOCKING*** Dog meat death pits: Terrified animals are hog-tied and thrown on top of each other before being clubbed to death for India’s illegal

Three Puppies Burned alive in India – Cruel World
Spain: Half-naked PETA activists pour ‘blood’ on themselves to protest bull running *EXPLICIT*
Driver and Cyclist fighting in the street
In front of the Intrepid Museum in New York

Cincinnati zoo kills gorilla to save boy who fell into enclosure [HD Original]
Relentless attack on a dog by a pit bull
Even a crowd of people had a hard time saving the poor dog. Taser and pepper spray was useless.

Tibetan monks beaten by soldiers for unauthorized demonstration

Outrage as NYC man forces wife to walk naked in street ‘after catching her sending nude pictures to other men’

People running out of Bataclan emergency exits . Paris Terrorist attacks

Hindu devotees lay down in the street as herds of colourfully painted cows stampeded over them in India’s central state of Madhya Pradesh on Thursday, as part of a local ritual to celebrate the festival of Diwali.

Crazy Ass Woman Doing Donuts At An Intersection, Ramming A Cop Car, Then Flipping Her Car Down A Hill

India – Women stripped naked infront of Police
It happens only in India

Out of Control PitBulls Go on Blood Thirsty Rampage in New York City Brox. owner of the dog is charged.

Hindu pandit gets disciplined by Sikhs for walking around town naked

Saudi Beheading *WARNING**GRAPHIC
Having been found guilty of involuntary manslaughter, the man attempted to pay reparations to the victims family but they refused and he was subsequently sentenced to death.
A report formed by Amnesty International reports that as of August, 110 people have been publicly beheaded in Saudi Arabia.

World’s shortest man dies at 75 in US
The world’s shortest man, Chandra Bahadur Dangi of Nepal, passed away in the United States late Thursday.

People parade to celebrate anniversary of liberation of Tibet
China ended barbaric feudal serfdom in Tibet and liberated one million serfs from serf owners’ oppression.

It is traditional in Nepal to sacrifice goat and other animals in the Temple, during the festival of Dasaine. The little boy here shows a lot of compassion for his little friend and understands that the animals are suffering and are in pain. His parents deserve a bit of credit for relenting, and the boy leaves with his little friend.

Indian Police Public Beating (Reason unknown)

INDIA- a local political leader chased and shot dead
Three gunmen chased a BJP leader (avinash kumar)out for a morning walk on the streets of Patna and killed him in the heart of poll-bound Bihar’s capital amid the party protesting in the assembly this week over a deteriorating law and order situation. assailants have been identified. Bihar is one of the country’s poorest and most lawless states.

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