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Teen slashed with kitchen knife in fight outside Queens school

A Queens teen was hospitalized Tuesday after a schoolmate slashed her with a kitchen knife, authorities said.

Witnesses told police the Young Women’s Leadership School students were arguing at the Jamaica school when the 17-year-old attacker pulled the knife.

The victim, 18, suffered three slash wounds, to her forehead and right ear and above her right eye.

Emergency responders took the teen to Jamaica Hospital for treatment.

Police said the slasher was arrested without incident.

Education Department spokeswoman Miranda Barbot said the injured student is in stable condition.

“The NYPD and EMS immediately responded to and addressed this serious incident and we are providing the school with additional support,” Barbot said.

The school does not regularly use metal detectors to scan students.

State data shows serious violent incidents are increasing in city schools. In September, a student was stabbed to death at the Bronx School for Wildlife Conservation, the first killing of a city student at school in more than two decades.

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